July 22, 2019

Veteran Benefits And The Veterans Health Administration: The Facts

The Veterans Health Administration is a part of the government of the United States that serves the veterans of the military and gives them health benefits as well as their spouses and their children. Although there are a lot of factors to consider and an application process to go through to be able to be eligible for these benefits, the program they offer is really advantageous to the member of the military who have unselfishly risked their lives to fight for their country.

veterans health administration

Eligibility is one thing to consider when applying for health benefits in the administration. You may be asking yourself several times already, “Am I eligible?” A lot of people in the military don’t know that they are eligible for these benefits; they just didn’t pay much attention to it yet. To be eligible you must be an active US military member and must be discharged from duty. You must also have served the minimum number of months required for you to become a veteran. All veterans who have served since 1980 are also included. For the complete list of eligibility requirements, you may visit the website of the administration and find out if you are truly eligible.

Now let us talk about the benefits. Veterans can enjoy so many programs that cater to their health, disability, lack of income, education, spouse, children, and other dependents. Even house loans are included in the list of benefits as well as death pension benefits for both the veteran and the surviving family.

Veterans can enjoy medical care from some of the most reputable hospitals around the country. Whether it is outpatient care or inpatient services, you will find what you need with this program. Some of the inpatient services include diagnostics, admissions to hospitals, drug prescriptions during admissions, medical checkups, surgical procedures, emergency care, and admissions to nursing home facilities.

For outpatient care, there are also a lot of benefits. These include but may not be limited to checkups in outpatient departments, drug prescriptions in outpatient departments, checkups on general health and also mental health.

Rehabilitation is also included in the benefits, especially since there are a lot of disability cases with veterans. Physical therapy and occupational therapy are at your advantage as long as you enrol for these services.

Home health services are also a part of the package, as well as pregnancy packages for female veterans. There is also hospice care, counselling, and bereavement services offered to members of the veteran US military.

If you have been disabled due to trauma during your duty, the benefits also cover reconstructive surgery as well as other surgical procedures that may contribute to your healing process. They also offer prosthetic and orthotic services for those veterans who lost a body part during their duty. Of course, rehabilitation comes as part of the prosthetics and orthotics services.

Although there are certain conditions that the administration cannot provide, such as abortions, health club memberships, and private nursing, with all these benefits you are still able to get what is necessary. Veterans health Administration takes care of your health needs as long as you are eligible as a veteran of the US military.

Find out more, visit: https://www.qmo.amedd.army.mil/

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