July 27, 2021

How To Apply For VA Survivor Benefits

Do you know what VA survivor benefits are? Are you a surviving dependent of a veteran? If you are, then you might be eligible for several benefits that the government has to offer. Whether you are a wife, a child, or a parent of the deceased veteran, you can take advantage of the benefits prepared for you by the Department of Veteran Affairs.

va survivor benefits

If you are a spouse of the deceased, you are entitled to receive these benefits. Included is the Dependency Indemnity Compensation, wherein the Department of Veteran Affairs adds some two hundred plus dollars into the surviving spouse’s DIC. This is absolutely tax-free but will be discontinued if the spouse and the veteran have no living children.

To apply for this program, the spouse of the deceased must submit an application form called VA Form 21-534a to a Casualty Assistance Officer who will be very pleased to help you with the application process. This form, along with another one called a DD form should be mailed to the office of the Department of Veteran Affairs. Your application will undergo special processing and you will be notified once it is approved.

You, as a surviving spouse will also receive a death pension benefit. You must not have remarried already to be able to become eligible for this service. It will also depend on the income you have yearly because they require that it must be below the limit. The VA will pay you your income minus the annual rate of payment determined by law. To apply for this, you must supply a copy of the VA Form 21-534 and attach proof of dependency like birth certificates and marriage certificates. This is also applicable to children of the deceased veteran.

Whether you are the spouse or the child, you can benefit from the Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program or DEA. If you are the child, you must be between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six and strictly not younger or older than that range. A spouse can become eligible for up to twenty years depending on the circumstances.

To apply for the DEA, you have to make sure that the course you have chosen has already been approved by the Department of Veteran Affairs. Then you have to complete the VA Form 22-5490 and mail it to the VA office. For children of the veterans, legal parents or guardians must sign the application.

But if you have already started school and you would still like to go through with these benefits, you can still do so. Simply obtain a copy of VA Form 22-1999 and mail it with your Enrolment Certification from your school to the office of the VA.

There are so much more benefits that is available for the spouse, child, and even parent of the veteran who died in battle. It may not have been listed here and you may want to see the full list of benefits on the VA website, or call their office today for more information. With VA survivor benefits, dependents of the deceased are able to carry on with their lives.

More information: http://www.nationalresourcedirectory.gov/benefits_and_compensation/va_benefits/va_survivor_and_burial_benefits

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