June 25, 2019

Do You Know About Your VA Disability Benefits?

If you are a member of the US military and you have been suffering from a disability, VA disability benefits is something that you really need to look into. Living with a disability can be quite expensive. You have to pay doctor’s fees for checkups, prosthetics or orthotics fees, and renovations in your home to make it apt for your functional needs. You could really use the help of what the government is offering you as a veteran–through these programs.

va disability benefits

Who are eligible for this type of program?

If you are a veteran who has served the country for several years already, if you are an active member of the United States military, and if you have been disabled while in service to your country, then you are eligible for this program. You need to be discharged from service either as general discharge or honourable discharge in order to take part of the benefit packages.

Am I going to receive any compensation?

Yes, compensation is a part of the package. Although there are a lot of factors to consider before they can approve you to be eligible of compensation, most veterans are given compensations belonging to the range of one hundred dollars to as much as three thousand dollars per month.

Does it cover existing disabilities?

Yes, as long as the disabilities got worse due to training and military service. These are tax-free for both who got it worse upon service and those who got it during their time in service.

Will I receive any additional amounts in special cases?

Yes, there are circumstances wherein the Department of Veterans Affairs gives out additional amounts for compensation. Examples of these situations are severe disabilities which involve the loss of a limb or more than one limb, if you have living dependents such as your children, spouse, or your parents, and if your spouse has a disability which is really severe.

Will I get travel benefits if I am going to travel for medical purposes?

Yes, as long as it belongs to medical travel, you may be given benefits for that. You must be at least thirty-percent rated as disabled to be able to receive the benefits and your income must be below the limits set by the government. You will be paid a pre-determined rate of mileage for this part of the package.

Just like any other program by the Department of Veterans Affairs, you need to apply for these packages before you can enjoy the benefits. To take advantage of disability benefits, you need to submit a completely filled out copy of VA Form 21-526 along with the necessary marriage or birth certificates, medical reports, and other documents necessary for the completion of the application.

All the benefits given to you by the government are tax-free. They are readily available as long as you applied for it earlier. Remember that not only you as a veteran can benefit from these services, but also your dependents. And in the case of death, the surviving dependents are also entitled to pensions and other health benefits. With VA disability benefits, life becomes worth living even in the event of disability.

Read more: http://veterans.vermont.gov/benefits/vadisability

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