July 27, 2021

Medical Benefits You Can Receive at the Veteran Affairs Hospital

It is a known fact that veterans are entitled to medical benefits in a Veteran Affairs hospital. Any veteran who completed active service in the Navy, Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard or even the World War II Merchant Marines can benefit from medical benefits as long as he/she wasn’t discharged during the duration of his or her service. A Veteran Affairs Hospital provides health care for veterans who were hurt or injured during their service and other medical conditions. This includes surgical and medical treatment for the veterans. They also provide emergency treatments and can also cover emergency care and fees charged by non-veterans hospitals. Moreover, veteran hospitals also provide prescribed medicines and medical supplies. They can also give immunizations and screening tests to veterans.

veteran affairs hospital

A Veteran Affairs Hospital cannot offer counselling services, drugs that are not approved by the FDA, have health care clubs or cosmetic surgery to the veterans. It is not only the men who join the civil services, but more and more women are joining the services and getting on board. Therefore, there are also specific medical benefits for women veterans can get, like services related to gynaecology, pregnancy matters, treatments and deliveries.

Veterans Affairs Hospital also gives aid relating to suicide prevention, stress disorder and other psychological issues. These benefits will be very helpful to the veterans especially those who were injured during their service or had a medical condition during the service.

Veterans Affairs Hospital will make sure that every veteran will get medical benefits. Even other veterans from allied countries and other civilians who participated in military defence or gave assistance are eligible for these benefits. These medical benefits are provided by the Government in the form of various policies that the veterans can learn about on the Veteran Affairs official website (www.va.gov). Not only does the website post details about the health benefits offered to veterans, it also lists several helpline numbers that the veterans can call in case of medical emergencies. Several updates are posted on the Veteran Affairs website on medical issues that veterans ought to be aware of.

A Veteran Affairs Hospital assures the families of these veterans that their family member will get the best medical attention no matter what condition they are in. This is also our way to repay our Veterans who risked their lives for their country.

Find out more: http://www.washingtondc.va.gov/

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