July 27, 2021

Make Veteran Homes Affordable – Using VA Home Loans

Veterans can now afford homes too by using VA home loans. People from the services can get cash from more conventional lending sources. There are some riders that make these loans easier. There advantages associated with availing a VA home loan. These include lower interest rates, availability of more money and no need to buy mortgage insurance. Also, VA home loans let you augment your existing house and add more enhancements.

va home loans

Essentially, these home loans allow personnel to purchase a house outright without having to spend from your pocket. When you take VA home loans, the existing residence can be refurbished with the amount sanctioned.

Keep the following tips in mind when applying for a VA home loan:

  1. Find out whether you are eligible for VA home loans. This information can be found when you visit the Veteran Affairs website online.
  2. Be clear on your priorities after getting the loan amount. What are your future plans after you get the money? In short, what do you intend to do?
  3. Complete the requisite forms, the proper certificates, etc. Most information on what you need to do is available from the website.
  4. Also, locate the proper lender and give them an appropriate certificate.
  5. The property value needs to be appraised. The lender will determine if you are suitable for the loan.
  6. For any other additions to your house, find out whether documentation is suitable.
  7. After the loan is closed, the requisite conditions and the payment terms will be explained. Sign the necessary paperwork and find the loan sanctioned.

The financial credentials of veterans are assessed before they are granted VA home loans, and their current loans are also taken into account. So be careful about how much money you currently have. All of these are useful in your credit assessment. Prepare early for grilling, and doing so will eliminate unexpected surprises and let the buyers assess how financially secure they are.

As a veteran, the homes you have represent a lifetime of hard work, commitment, faith and hope. Most of these home loans are customized, and every borrower has unique needs. Some may require a house in different parts of the city, and varying sizes. Pre-approval for VA home loans means that the viability of the residential building has to be assessed. Relevant experts will look at the property and then take a call on what the current market value is.

Resource link: http://www.benefits.va.gov/homeloans/

Visit VA.Gov for Information about the Veterans Administration

A veteran is a person who has been a part of the armed forces and was actively involved in war combats for the country. The US government has taken special steps to provide benefits to these veterans. Eric K. Shinseki is the secretary of Veterans Affairs who is responsible for the administrating all the benefits available for veterans, the survivors and their families. The secretary of the VA is a member of the government cabinet who has the authority and right to control the department of veteran affairs. VA.gov is a site that lists the information and the benefits you can get as a veteran.


The US armed service veterans are those who have given 20 or more years of their lives to the armed forces. VA.gov makes sure that all the veterans and their families are updated about the benefits they are entitled to, which can keep them safe if any mishap or loss occurs to them personally.

VA.gov makes sure that the veterans and their families know exactly what the government owes them. The benefits start from providing the basic benefit, and that is life insurance. They provide life insurance up to $400,000 under a special insurance policy called service members group life insurance (SGLI). They have coverage for the spouse of a veteran’s up to $100,000 and for their children up to $10,000. But the major part is that it is given at no premiums or extra costs. They even provide financial help to veterans for traumatic injury and permanent disability that ranges from $25,000 to $100,000.

The VA.gov informs veterans and their family with regard to the education benefits that they are entitled to. They even provide VA home loans to veterans who have been continuously active on the service for 90 days – and the details for availing the loans can be gotten from the site as well. The site also contains details about the policies designed specifically for the veterans who have suffered from permanent disability while being active in the service for military that they can claim benefits under.

While taking care of their health, VA.gov designed a benefit called TRICARE coverage that special facilities veterans can apply for, in case of emergencies. They even provide a Medal of Honour pension for those who have received a medal of honour for active duty.

VA.gov is a department that takes care of the benefits of the veterans’ family and the veteran himself (survivor). Anyone can visit the site to get a better idea about the veteran benefits offered by the US government.

Learn more, click here: http://www.va.gov/

Post 9/11 GI Bill: Why the Veterans Administration Says Time Is Running Out

The post 9/11 GI bill is the largest investment in a veteran’s education since World War II. This means that it will cover the full cost of an undergraduate education of a veteran at any public University, College or many private schools.  In order to qualify for the benefit, the veteran must serve 90 days of active duty service post 9/11 or should have served 30 days, and should have been discharged due to illness or injuries that happened during service. The new GI bill will provide tuition fees, monthly living allowance and $1000 for book fees.

For the National Guards and reserve, they will have continuous percentage of the active duty GI bill depending on the length of their active duty service. The best feature of the GI bill is the veterans get the chance to transfer education benefits to their children or spouse. This has become the best feature of the bill. This is, in fact, the best way a veteran and his or her family can have the chance to go to a good school or college and get a degree.

gi bill

The new GI bill banished the Montgomery bill. There are also changes that will take place in regard to this bill this 2011, which is why the administration says the time is running out.

What are these changes in the GI bill that will take place this 2011? Some of them are -

*Effective on March 5, 2011 – there will be limits to active duty members who are currently pursuing their degree more than half of the time to the net cost for their tuition fees.

*Entitlement will be charged.

There will be a lot of changes that will take place this year regarding the GI bill, however, some of it are good while some of it, like posted above, are not that good. Their website will still be updated regarding the changes that will take place, so it is best if you check from time to time, especially if you are one of these Veterans or a family member that will most likely be affected by the changes that will be made by the administration.

However, even with these imminent changes, the GI bill has been a helpful and useful bill to the Veterans who have not much savings to pursue an education because they spent a lot of time in the civil services.

Additional resource links: http://www.gibill.va.gov/

U. S. Veterans Are Eligible To Receive VA Health Benefits

Have you enrolled yourself for your VA health benefits? Or did you just hear about it now? Good news, veterans are entitled to a lot of health benefits given by the government for your unending support and fight for your country and your fellowmen. If you want to know more about how to get these benefits and what are included in the package, read on.

va health benefits

Have you been injured or traumatized as a result of wars during your duty as a soldier of the US military? Do you need help with financial assistance so you can pay for your medical bills? Whether you are a part of the navy, Armed Forces, Air Force, or any other department, as long as you are an active member of the military, you are eligible for certain benefits.

Let us have an overview of the general benefits that the government has to offer these veterans. As long as the medical services are needed, they will be given to you. These include but are not always limited to outpatient care services, inpatient care services, rehabilitation services, surgical procedures, diagnostic procedures, medical checkups, and nursing home care. As long as you need it, and by need we mean something that will restore you to your original health, the government will grant it to you, depending on the action and decision of the health care provider.

Apart from those general services, there are specific programs intended for people who need special care. These are for the blind, HIV/AIDS infected individuals, and the Agent Orange program. Agent Orange program refers to the help given to those veterans who fought in the Vietnam War and who were exposed to the numerous gallons of chemicals that were used to remove plants that aided enemies as cover. If you are one of these soldiers, there is a program designed to cater to your medical needs.

You may also want to apply for the Veterans Medical Benefits Package. It contains a lot of benefits suited to your different medical needs. Apart from the general medical services mentioned above, it also offers preventive health care such as immunizations, medical checkups, health and nutritional education, and screening tests and diagnostic procedures.

The government also aims to help veterans who have served during the Persian Gulf War. If a soldier at that time of duty experienced some unknown illness, there are medical services that he can take advantage of to his every need. Other services such as substance and alcohol abuse treatment are also offered for those individuals needing this service.

Remember that you need to apply before you can reap the benefits. Don’t forget that you have to fill out an application form from the VA website or you can get it from a VA health facility anywhere near you. There is no re-enrolment once you are already a part of it but you may have to update your records every now and then.

The benefits do not end with you as a veteran. If you have a wife or kids, or other dependents, they too can have medical benefits as long as you present the necessary documents to the VA. VA health benefits not only help you but also reach out to your loved ones.

Additional information at: http://www.myhealth.va.gov/

Do You Know About Your VA Disability Benefits?

If you are a member of the US military and you have been suffering from a disability, VA disability benefits is something that you really need to look into. Living with a disability can be quite expensive. You have to pay doctor’s fees for checkups, prosthetics or orthotics fees, and renovations in your home to make it apt for your functional needs. You could really use the help of what the government is offering you as a veteran–through these programs.

va disability benefits

Who are eligible for this type of program?

If you are a veteran who has served the country for several years already, if you are an active member of the United States military, and if you have been disabled while in service to your country, then you are eligible for this program. You need to be discharged from service either as general discharge or honourable discharge in order to take part of the benefit packages.

Am I going to receive any compensation?

Yes, compensation is a part of the package. Although there are a lot of factors to consider before they can approve you to be eligible of compensation, most veterans are given compensations belonging to the range of one hundred dollars to as much as three thousand dollars per month.

Does it cover existing disabilities?

Yes, as long as the disabilities got worse due to training and military service. These are tax-free for both who got it worse upon service and those who got it during their time in service.

Will I receive any additional amounts in special cases?

Yes, there are circumstances wherein the Department of Veterans Affairs gives out additional amounts for compensation. Examples of these situations are severe disabilities which involve the loss of a limb or more than one limb, if you have living dependents such as your children, spouse, or your parents, and if your spouse has a disability which is really severe.

Will I get travel benefits if I am going to travel for medical purposes?

Yes, as long as it belongs to medical travel, you may be given benefits for that. You must be at least thirty-percent rated as disabled to be able to receive the benefits and your income must be below the limits set by the government. You will be paid a pre-determined rate of mileage for this part of the package.

Just like any other program by the Department of Veterans Affairs, you need to apply for these packages before you can enjoy the benefits. To take advantage of disability benefits, you need to submit a completely filled out copy of VA Form 21-526 along with the necessary marriage or birth certificates, medical reports, and other documents necessary for the completion of the application.

All the benefits given to you by the government are tax-free. They are readily available as long as you applied for it earlier. Remember that not only you as a veteran can benefit from these services, but also your dependents. And in the case of death, the surviving dependents are also entitled to pensions and other health benefits. With VA disability benefits, life becomes worth living even in the event of disability.

Read more: http://veterans.vermont.gov/benefits/vadisability