September 22, 2021

Visit VA.Gov for Information about the Veterans Administration

A veteran is a person who has been a part of the armed forces and was actively involved in war combats for the country. The US government has taken special steps to provide benefits to these veterans. Eric K. Shinseki is the secretary of Veterans Affairs who is responsible for the administrating all the benefits available for veterans, the survivors and their families. The secretary of the VA is a member of the government cabinet who has the authority and right to control the department of veteran affairs. is a site that lists the information and the benefits you can get as a veteran.

The US armed service veterans are those who have given 20 or more years of their lives to the armed forces. makes sure that all the veterans and their families are updated about the benefits they are entitled to, which can keep them safe if any mishap or loss occurs to them personally. makes sure that the veterans and their families know exactly what the government owes them. The benefits start from providing the basic benefit, and that is life insurance. They provide life insurance up to $400,000 under a special insurance policy called service members group life insurance (SGLI). They have coverage for the spouse of a veteran’s up to $100,000 and for their children up to $10,000. But the major part is that it is given at no premiums or extra costs. They even provide financial help to veterans for traumatic injury and permanent disability that ranges from $25,000 to $100,000.

The informs veterans and their family with regard to the education benefits that they are entitled to. They even provide VA home loans to veterans who have been continuously active on the service for 90 days – and the details for availing the loans can be gotten from the site as well. The site also contains details about the policies designed specifically for the veterans who have suffered from permanent disability while being active in the service for military that they can claim benefits under.

While taking care of their health, designed a benefit called TRICARE coverage that special facilities veterans can apply for, in case of emergencies. They even provide a Medal of Honour pension for those who have received a medal of honour for active duty. is a department that takes care of the benefits of the veterans’ family and the veteran himself (survivor). Anyone can visit the site to get a better idea about the veteran benefits offered by the US government.

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