June 25, 2019

U. S. Veterans Are Eligible To Receive VA Health Benefits

Have you enrolled yourself for your VA health benefits? Or did you just hear about it now? Good news, veterans are entitled to a lot of health benefits given by the government for your unending support and fight for your country and your fellowmen. If you want to know more about how to get these benefits and what are included in the package, read on.

va health benefits

Have you been injured or traumatized as a result of wars during your duty as a soldier of the US military? Do you need help with financial assistance so you can pay for your medical bills? Whether you are a part of the navy, Armed Forces, Air Force, or any other department, as long as you are an active member of the military, you are eligible for certain benefits.

Let us have an overview of the general benefits that the government has to offer these veterans. As long as the medical services are needed, they will be given to you. These include but are not always limited to outpatient care services, inpatient care services, rehabilitation services, surgical procedures, diagnostic procedures, medical checkups, and nursing home care. As long as you need it, and by need we mean something that will restore you to your original health, the government will grant it to you, depending on the action and decision of the health care provider.

Apart from those general services, there are specific programs intended for people who need special care. These are for the blind, HIV/AIDS infected individuals, and the Agent Orange program. Agent Orange program refers to the help given to those veterans who fought in the Vietnam War and who were exposed to the numerous gallons of chemicals that were used to remove plants that aided enemies as cover. If you are one of these soldiers, there is a program designed to cater to your medical needs.

You may also want to apply for the Veterans Medical Benefits Package. It contains a lot of benefits suited to your different medical needs. Apart from the general medical services mentioned above, it also offers preventive health care such as immunizations, medical checkups, health and nutritional education, and screening tests and diagnostic procedures.

The government also aims to help veterans who have served during the Persian Gulf War. If a soldier at that time of duty experienced some unknown illness, there are medical services that he can take advantage of to his every need. Other services such as substance and alcohol abuse treatment are also offered for those individuals needing this service.

Remember that you need to apply before you can reap the benefits. Don’t forget that you have to fill out an application form from the VA website or you can get it from a VA health facility anywhere near you. There is no re-enrolment once you are already a part of it but you may have to update your records every now and then.

The benefits do not end with you as a veteran. If you have a wife or kids, or other dependents, they too can have medical benefits as long as you present the necessary documents to the VA. VA health benefits not only help you but also reach out to your loved ones.

Additional information at: http://www.myhealth.va.gov/